IELTS Speaking Tip Number 1

Hi Guys,

So, welcome to my first post on tips on how to pass IELTS.  For today’s tip let’s start with a very basic step that will greatly improve your chances of scoring highly in the IELTS Speaking Test…..What is it you might ask?

Simply be yourself. At my last count I have interviewed over 3000 candidates for the IELTS Speaking test…and the great majority of them start acting as soon as they enter the examiner’s room..What do I mean by this? Simple…people don’t act as themselves.

Now it’s easy to say that candidates can become very nervous just before their test: we examiners know this and accept it as part of human nature.

However, many candidates try to compensate for this by becoming either overly polite or friendly or even both! Don’t do it!  The examiner is not there to be your friend and does not expect to be treated as a superior being.  The examiner is there because it is their job to interview the candidate and so expects to be treated as a  professional, nothing more and nothing less.

So no need to have big beaming smiles, and vigorous handshakes, no need to insist that the examiner sits down before you do, no need for “sirs and madam’s’….just be your normal friendly and polite self.

Try practising how to act normally in challenging circumstances  by clicking on the following link:

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One Comment on “IELTS Speaking Tip Number 1”

  1. Carlo L Says:

    This first post was excellent. Thanks to this post, I will have a different approach while being under exam for the speaking part. And also I will be a little less nervous. I was indeed concerned about things like gesticulating, dressing and so on..but I have understood that these are not important things. I will dress and I will gesticulate as I normally do. Thanks!

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