IELTS Speaking Tip Number 2

So, onto my second tip for greatly improving your chances of succeeding in the IELTS Speaking test.  Like the first tip,  it is very simple and indeed would be what we could call “using your common sense” (a high scoring band phrase for the speaking and writing parts of the IELTS test by the way!)

What is this tip…and the answer is…..speak slowly when answering questions.

Now, this may seem like common sense, but a surprising large number of candidates with whom I have had the pleasure of inteviewing have spoken much too quickly. This is not a  good idea for three reasons:

1-You are speaking too fast  for your listener to hear fully what you are trying to say (always a bad move in an interview.)

2- Even native speakers make language mistakes when speaking quickly-so think just how much more likely you will be to make mistakes!

3- It is much harder to plan your answers if you are speaking quickly.  This is because you are speaking whilst at the same thinking about what  you are going to say.

So a simple and effective way to improve your accuracy and sound better whilst speaking in English is to speak  more slowly and carefully


  • Speaking slowly allows you to think out what you are going to say in advance of saying it-thereby reducing language errors.
  • Speaking slowy allows you to clearly pronounce words
  • Speaking slowly allows  you to place the right amount of stress on your sentence to accurately express meaning.
  • Speaking slowy allows the examiner to clearly understand what you are trying to say in English.

As always, practice makes perfect-so get used to answering questions slowly and effectively by clicking on:

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