Speaking Tip Number 4: Part 2

So did you work out which was the better answer? Well the correct answer is to provide more than just the name of your country. Why? Well, the chances are the examiner  either a) Lives in your country, or b) has interviewed many other candidates from you country.

Therefore if you just give the name of your country without any additional detail, then you are disrespecting the examiner.  Do you know what the average examiner is thinking when you just give the name of your country as an answer? They are thinking “YES I KNOW THAT! WHERE IN YOUR COUNTRY ARE YOU FROM?”  Of course they are very unlikely to say that,  but that  is what they will almost certainly be thinking.

 So to recap; get off to a good start with the examiner by respecting their intelligence and the fact that they will probably  interview many other people who are also from the same country during the same test day.

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