General advice on approaching the IELTS test

The IELTS test is unique. There is simply nothing, else like it in the world of language learning and examinations in particular. It  is a test that even native speakers of English would struggle to achieve a high band score in if they were not sufficiently prepared.

So what can we learn from this analysis of the IELTS test? Namely that as the old saying goes,  preparation makes perfect. You simply cannot expect to do well in the test if you do not  do the following:

 1) Learn what the test is about

 2) Practice delivering answers

Yes that’s right, practice, practice, practice and practice again. If you do not practice, then it doesn’t matter if you learn all about the test and how to achieve high band scores. Unless you practice you cannot internalize what you have learnt. if you do not internalize what you have learnt, then how  are you supposed to remember to use all your freshly acquired knowledge in the highly stressful  conditions of the test day?

The need for practice is especially relevant and important in the speaking and writing parts of the IELTS test.  To get into the practice mindset  visit and try your hand at the IELTS speaking and writing practice tests.

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