The secret is in the preparation…

Let me ask you a simple question. Do you think you would do well making a gourmet meal for the first time without  following a recipe?…No?…Are you sure?….I thought not…unless you have a natural talent, then you are very unlikely unlikely to succeed. The same process applies to the IELTS speaking test.

Unless you know what  to expect in the IELTS test then you will struggle to  score the maximum marks which will be available to you according to your English ability.

In exams, we often fantasize about knowing the exam questions in advance of the actual exam. Why? because if we are able to do so, then we can prepare the best possible  exam answer according to our abilities. Now we know that  we cannot do this in practice, and indeed it wouldn’t be a very good test if were were able to know the answers in advance. But we can learn the format of the exam questions. This allows us to plan our exam answers to a great degree in advance. If you know the territory, then you can plan your route effectively.

So if  you go to my website, you will see a complete transcript of both an academic speaking test, and a general training speaking test. If you study the tests closely, you will not only get a good understanding of the type of questions which the examiner asks, you will learn how each  of the three parts of the speaking test are structured. And crucially you will learn the importance of timing to the speaking test. Knowing the timing allows you to plan how to manage the length of your answers so that you are able to deliver high band scoring answers to each  of the examiner’s questions.

Here’s the link:

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