How to get high marks in IELTS writing

Hi everyone. So in order to be able to get high marks in IELTS writing, we need to understand what the requirements of the writing test are.

Writing Test Format:

• The writing test is the final part of the sat exam (1st, Listening, 2nd , reading, and 3rd writing.)

 • The writing test lasts for 1 hour.

• There are two parts to the writing test: task 1 and task 2.

• Academic and General Training modules have different task 1s and the same style of task 2s.

• Academic task 1 is an exercise in analyzing given information and making a conclusion.

• General Training task 1 is writing a letter in response to a situation which needs to be resolved

Today’s tip is: Divide your hour into 20 minutes for task 1 (do it first) and 40 minutes for task 2). Task 1 is worth 33% of the available marks, which is why you should devote 33% only of the time on it. Why do task 1 first? You can find this out and much more by joining my free newsletter group at:

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