Learning the rules of the IELTS speaking test

 Today we’re going to take a look at that other area of the IELTS test where most candidates  find very challenging…..the speaking test. Like the writing test, the speaking test requires specific knowledge in order to succeed in. You will not get a high band score unless you know how to approach the speaking test.

I have personally conducted and graded over 3000 speaking tests in my IELTS career. In that time I saw a lot of easily avoidable mistakes made. Mistakes, which can be avoided if you know what you are doing in the test. I also experienced a select few candidates gain high band scores because they knew what was expected of them in the test.

Preparation for the speaking test is not something that can be rushed…of course you might get lucky without preparation and perform very well on the actual day of the test…but I doubt it. No, avoid the risk of failure by planning properly for the speaking test.

So here’s today’s tip.

Learn how the speaking test is made up and crucially, how it is marked afterwards (how the examiner decides what band score to award you.)

Now, luckily for you, I have put my years of IELTS Speaking Examining into a PDF file for you to learn the inside information about how to gain a high band score in the IELTS speaking test. Yes for those of you who don’t yet know, this is my Passieltsonline.com Speaking E-Book. Click on the following link to take a look and to view some sample pages.


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