The beginning and and of an IELTS speaking test

As many IELTS candidates are aware, the examiner formulates the candidate’s band score  in the  5 minutes after the end of the speaking test.  This is where the  IELTS Examiner reviews their original inclinations about how well the candidate performed in each part of the IELTS. This is usually done with the assistance of the digital recording of the speaking test. So knowing this, can we then assume that it is more important to  concentrate on how you say farewell to the Examiner, raher than how you introduce yourself to the Examiner?

 As with most  things in life, the beginning and the end of the speaking test are both important, however the start of the test  is what really counts in influencing the opinion of the IELTS examiner. It is harder to change someone’s opinion at the end of meeting somebody rather than at the beginning, especially in something which is as structured as the IELTS speaking test. Therefore concentrate on making an initial postive first impression, and then back this up by producing high bandscoring  speaking answers. To find out how to plan high band scoring  IELTS speaking questions ahead of the IELTS speaking test, please click on the following link and check out my IELTS speaking test E-Book:

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