How to ace part 2 of the speaking test..part 2…

All…I repeat..ALL of the IELTS speaking test part 2 topics follow the same format

Which is…?

1. A general discussion topic is presented.

2. Three different  talking points are presented, and the candidate is expected to include each separate one in their talk.

 The candidate is then given 1 minute to prepare for their talk and then they are asked to speak for between 1 and 2 minutes only.

So how does knowing the above information help us in our preparation for this  challenging part of the speaking test? Simple, once you know the format is easy to build a template answer script which you can use to answer any of the part 2 questions!

You don’t believe me? I challenge you not to to be able to talk for two minutes on any subject if you have prepared and memorized a part 2 answer script.

To learn how to prepare your own part 2 answer template click on the following link:

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